FAQs about bridal hair and makeup - Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane

We get asked many different questions on a daily basis so we have collated some of the most common ones. If you still have questions after reading our FAQs please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • 1.

    What products do you use?

    At Living Dolls we are not loyal to one particular brand. We prefer to use a range of different products form a variety of brands, made up of all our favorite goodies. The brands that feature the most in our kits are- Nars, Mac, Napoleon, Laura Mercier, Bobby Brown, Stilla, Gorgeous, Temptu, Inglot and Kryolan.
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    Will the makeup last all day?

    Yes, your makeup will last, however there are a few tips that we give our brides to help our good work along:
    1. 1.Invest in a good powder. If you are prone to becoming a little shiny throughout the day (especially in summer), having a powder with you for touch ups will have you looking brand new again. We recommend Mac mineral compacts - it's light weight and wont cake on your skin.
    2. 2.Lipstick / lipgloss. You need to reapply. Long lasting lipsticks can be dry and aging, so it's better to go for a more sheer texture. Your makeup artist can write down for you the colour and brand she used on you at the trial so that you can purchase your own for the day.
  • 3.

    Are your artists experienced?

    It is company policy to only work with artists that have extensive experience. Bridal hair and makeup is not easy and requires a seasoned professional to perfect it. This is definitely not the place for a student straight out of beauty school!
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    What happens if my artist is sick on my wedding day?

    One of the benefits in using a larger agency is that we have plenty of backup! It is an extremely rare occurrence, but in the case of an emergency we will replace your artist.
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    Does the makeup have to be heavy for the photos?

    No, it doesn't have to be heavy but it does have to be applied properly using the right products for you. A professional makeup artist knows how to bring out your features, even out skin tone and ensure that you look the very best you can be.
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    Is there a limit to how many people I can have?

    There is no limit! We can cater for just one person to as many as you want. We did a cup day event last year for 40 ladies- who all needed hair and makeup.
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    Do we charge less for mother of the bride?

    No. Regardless of your age, we take the same amount of time and care with everyone.
  • 8.

    Do we provide a touch up service?

    This is not a service that we offer. As we are extremely busy, we simply do not have the time to come back to a bridal party just for touch ups. If you wanted an artist to come back and change your hair and makeup it would be charged at our normal rates.
  • 9.

    Is a trial absolutely necessary?

    No. A trial is for you to see your artists work prior to the wedding and try any looks you may have in mind. If you are confident and happy to book your wedding straight in that is fine by us.
  • 10.

    Can I change my booking numbers at a later date?

    A reduction in numbers may lead to a cancellation of your booking and a loss of deposit. An increase in numbers may be possible but is dependent on your artists other appointments for that day. It is therefor best to try and be as accurate as possible when booking your event.
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    Can I change my booking time?

    Again, this is dependent on your artists schedule and may not always be possible to do so at a later stage. Make sure you talk to your photographer before you book in your makeup and hair to be sure you have the timing correct.
  • 12.

    Is my deposit refundable?

    Deposits are not refundable after 7 days of making the payment.
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    Do we do hair and makeup for debs / engagement parties / hens nights?

    Yes! We do hair and makeup for any occasion you can think of!