Wedding Event Tips - Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane

We understand the daunting task of arranging a wedding. With all the different options available these days it is an endeavor that can seem overwhelming. We have compiled some tips that hopefully will make this experience as stress free as possible-

  • 1.

    Do some homework

    Research your options, understand what is available locally and what suits you best.  All websites should have a photo gallery. Look at the pictures and make sure you love what you see before you book a trial. Variety is key. There should be enough options to show you the versatility of what a company can provide. If you don’t think there is enough diversity, it may mean that the provider doesn’t have the experience to cater to every taste.
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    Don’t make your trial date your priority

    We understand that you want to make the most our of your trial makeup / hair. However your wedding is the most important thing. If your artist cannot do your trial on your preferred date, it can pay to be flexible. It would be a shame to miss out on a fantastic artist for you wedding just because she is not available for your hair / makeup for your girls night out. We are busy for a reason, remember, it’s all about your special day.
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    Think about what look you are after

    Just because a model in a high fashion magazine looks fabulous doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an appropriate look for a wedding. Really look at the makeup / hair and think about if this is really ‘you’. If you are not a makeup person then don’t go for a look that is very heavy. If you are a person that is used to wearing makeup don’t think that you have to have a look that is ‘natural’ just because you are getting married. Stay true to who you are and choose a look that you will be comfortable with. Remember it’s your day… there are no rules, it’s all about what will be the best look for you.
  • 4.

    Don’t be afraid to speak your mind

    Trials are exactly that, a trial run. If you are not happy with the first look your artist has created- tell her! Trust us, she’s used to it. It’s not the only look she can do.  Don’t be shy, sometimes it can take trying a few different options to arrive at the perfect look for you. It will save you money on having other trials, not to mention the stress of going back to the drawing board!
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    Enjoy, it’s a very special time… It will all be right on the night!