Why should I hire a professional makeup artist?
Published 21 February 2014 by Living Dolls   

Should you hire a professional wedding hair & makeup artist?

Well, where do I begin?

Firstly, who wants the stress of doing their own makeup on one of the most important days of their life? Not you I bet. Try doing a perfectly straight liquid eye liner with a shaking hand! It's a special day, let yourself be pampered!

Secondly, you are most likely having professional wedding photos taken, which of course you want to look gorgeous. A professional will not only know how to make you look fabulous in real life, but they will also know how to do makeup for the camera. Which is a fine balancing act only a true pro can nail.

Thirdly, Colour scheme! I'm a total perfectionist when it comes to colour schemes, everything has to be cohesive to prevent me from having an anxiety attack! The makeup needs to tie in with the rest of the wedding. Whacking any old colours on without taking into consideration the bridesmaid's colours, the flowers etc. looks messy and unpolished. Now, this doesn't mean 'blue dress, blue eye shadow', this means selecting colours that complement each other and work in conjunction with one another. A professional makeup artist understands colour.

Fourthly, lighting and contouring! Subtle highlights and contours can make all the difference to a makeup. Knowing where to put the light and the shade can totally change the shape of your face. Want higher cheek bones, a slimmer face, glowing skin? Then you need someone who knows what they are doing - this is a very important part of doing a gorgeous makeup.

Lastly, Timing!! It's your wedding day and there is a schedule to keep. It's OK being fashionably late to the chapel, but you don't want your husband-to-be thinking you've stood him up. A professional will be able to have you looking stunning whilst keeping to the time line. Besides, you want your wedding experience to be as stress free and relaxed as possible.