Red lips. Should you or shouldn't you?
Published 14 February 2014 by Living Dolls   

Red lips for your Melbourne wedding?

Red has made a comeback and it seems everyone is doing it. The question is - should you go with a red lip on your wedding day?

Well, that all depends on how comfortable you are with making a bit of a statement. Red is bold and not for the faint hearted. In order to pull red off- or any bright colour for that matter you have to feel comfortable with wearing it. Think Gwen Stefani or Marilyn Monroe, now these ladies know how to rock a red lip.

If you are not a fan of lipstick or have never worn a bright colour lippy, your wedding day is definitely not the best day to experiment. Yes vintage is in and it's oh so glam, but you still have to feel like 'you'. And remember, you will be looking back at your photos for a very long time!

If however you are comfortable in this hue, then I say GO FOR IT! I think there is something very old Hollywood about a white dress paired with a Red lip. Here's my tips for doing red the right way:

  • Matt not gloss. A Matt red lip is more classic vintage and it won't come off all over your teeth (or hubby). Glossy red lips can look a little too 'pop star'- not the ideal look on your wedding day!
  • Be mindful of your colour scheme. If you have pink bridesmaids then red lips is going to clash. A simple colour palette is best with red. Think black and white theme or Red, white and Navy- it's very classic and elegant.
  • Keep the rest of your makeup fresh and simple. The pop of colour on your lips is the show stealer, so don't complicate things with heavy makeup. Skin should be fresh and glowing, eyes look best with some false lashes and black liquid eyeliner - think 1940's pin up not 1970's too much!
  • Red is all about confidence, so work it giiiirl!!